The Toddler Community (Ages 1 ½ – 2 ½)

8:45–11:45AM Monday through Friday

The Montessori Toddler Environment is a space carefully prepared and arranged with activities to aid in the development of children between 18-36 month old.

In this program the young child will use materials that will develop his coordination, concentration and support his first steps to becoming independent.

Activities range from fine and gross motor manipulatives, baskets with language materials, art and musical expression and exercises that allow the child to care for himself and for the classroom community.

Children in the Toddler Community are nurtured and supported as they make the transition from their home life to a daily school routine. The consistent and simple daily schedule provides comfort and security as the young child quickly learns the order of their day and he is included in the care and keeping of the community.

The Toddler Class is a five day a week program. The children enjoy a two hour work period, a snack served family style, outdoor play and is supported in their toilet awareness through the use of cloth underwear. When the child completes the toddler program, they transition to the Primary classroom.

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