CASA's Financial Aid Program

CASA Scholarship

CASA offers financial aid and varying amounts of scholarship monies to families in need of financial assistance to continue their child's education. The amount of scholarships awarded annually is based on several factors including CASA's current enrollment numbers, student ratio requirements, Apogee tax dollar donations, and alumni benefactor donations.

Applications for financial assistance and/or scholarship is reviewed by a Scholarship Committee appointed by CASA's Board of Directors. The committee consists of former CASA Alumni, one CASA off-site administration staff member, and community business leaders in the Atlanta-Marietta area.

Each applicant is required to fill out an online request via the NAIS Organization for verification of financial need, and to submit a recent, signed 1040 Tax transcript. All information submitted to CASA's Scholarship committee will be filled off-campus and kept confidential.

Please visit the NAIS website for forms and application instructions.

After completing the online application, please mail a written request and signed 1040 Tax transcript to:

CASA Scholarship Committee
410 Pine Valley Road Marietta, GA 30067

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