Elementary Student Resources

Lunch and Snack

  • We do not have a refrigerator space for cold items.
  • We do have a microwave. Please limit microwaveable lunches to a maximum of twice per week.
  • Order out days are the first Friday of each month.
  • Please instruct child about microwave time and package care.
  • Please do not send pull-top container unless your child has mastered opening this item without assistance. (You can help him/her practice this skill at home).
  • We will not have time to microwave popcorn at school. (Please send popped corn in a bag).
  • Please include plastic utensils when necessary.
  • Water only for drinks.
  • Parents are welcome to eat lunch with us.


  • Send a photo for each year of your child's life. This can be in a small album or mounted on poster board.
  • A treat to share with the class (May be cookies, cupcakes, etc).
  • Summer birthdays may be celebrated during school year (Just let us know which week you would like to send things in).


  • Parents, please provide a twenty-minute slot of time for your student to do work sent home. It is best to set a routine for this work. Provide a quiet place where your student may work without interruption from siblings or television. A younger child may have more success working near a parent, i.e. the kitchen or dining room table.
  • Parents should not sit with the student for the entire session. Time spent together should be just to call out spelling words for the student to spell orally. For math, if you want to interact, just play facts quizzes in the car while you are driving, or when you have some short leisure time. We hope to convey the idea of responsibility for homework to the student.
  • Sometimes, getting into this new routine is difficult for the new, younger children. If you feel this is the case with your student, please let us know.

Work Folders

Periodically, the children will bring home a brown accordion folder containing work finished from over a 3-4 week interval. Loose papers may stay at home with the exception of those in the hardbound notebook. All workbooks and notebooks should be returned the next school day. Please try to take time and look at the work before the folder is due back.

Spelling Homework

On Monday evening each student will bring home a spelling list. Parents are asked to help with memorizing the words by calling out the words for the student and encouraging oral spelling. Then the child copies the words on a separate sheet of paper. Keep the session positive. The list of words the student copies each night while practicing should come to class the next morning (Tue-Fri).

Math Homework

Children have math fact workbooks for homework use. We start the year reviewing and then progress according to competency. Competency is determined by your student getting at least 85% of the facts correct on the timed test of 15 min / 100 facts.

Unfinished Class Work

At the end of the week we will send a student's unfinished work home to be finished over the weekend whenever possible.

Physical Education

Planned outdoor activities will be on Wednesdays and Fridays this year. On these days the children will need to wear appropriate "play" type clothing. Every child should wear a sneaker type shoe that laces well or has secure Velcro closures. Slip-on shoes, sandals, or dressy shoes are not good for activities executed on the court. Girls should wear shorts, split skirts, or slacks. Shorts under skirts and dresses are fine. We do go outside in the winter, weather permitting. When it gets cooler please send your child to school with a jacket, hat and gloves Please label all your child's clothing.