Lower Elementary Students

A Day in the Life of a Lower Elementary Student

8:15-8:30 I enter my classroom from morning carpool, hang my coat, put homework bag in a bin near the back door and turn in my spelling homework for checking. I chat with my friend, Terry, about a neat frog I saw at my creek yesterday. We get our work journals out and sit together to begin our "checking in," which involves writing down date and the current weather. Terry tells me he saw a picture of that frog in a book at his house. Then we decide that we will start work with a geometry lesson using the "box of sticks," which we'll do after math practice and Yoga.

8:30-8:45 Math Practice - my teacher tells us the timer is being set for math operations practice in our workbooks. I'm in an advanced multiplication book and my friend is working on beginning division. This is a silent time and I'll sit in my assigned seat.

8:50-9:05 Yoga - It's time for Yoga and I really like doing the poses. Two of my other friends choose a program of poses for all of us to do. Quiet music is playing.

9:05-11:35 Morning work begins and I set out a rug while Terry gets the "box of sticks" and the circle cards we need from the geometry shelf. We make a circle with the sticks and label its parts with tickets. Then we match definitions with printed labels.

9:30 Oh, our teacher just called me over to do novel study with a small group. Our book is so cool - I've already read the whole story and we will discuss a really exciting chapter. When I finish this meeting I go back to the geometry work, finish up, and help Terry put things away. I'm going to get my work journal and write down the time that I did the circle and book study works.

10:00 Gosh, I'm really hungry! Two of my friends are sitting at the snack table already and I am going to sit with them. Popcorn! I knew that I smelled it earlier.

10:15 After cleaning up after myself I decide to work on my research on Russia. I want to know about the mountains there, which have the highest peaks and exactly where the Winter Olympics will be held. Sarah and Josh are already using some of the books that we have on Russia and they invite me to work with them. I'll get the Atlas and join them, and write the time in my work journal.

10:55 Susan comes to get me for a spelling lesson with the classroom assistant and my spelling group. When we finish I write the time in my work journal.

11:35 Music for circle time is playing so I'll need to do my job for this week - wiping the tables off for lunch. Then I go to my cubby and get my hand work and my diorama. Today, I get to give my book report on the biography of Hank Aaron. We'll listen to Thomas tell us "the word of the day" and read from a book that has blessings from different religions.

11:55 When the Pledge of Allegiance is finished we have lunch at tables with our "team" based on jobs on the job chart. I'm a third year student now so I monitor my table with second and first graders. Sometimes we get to have a picnic inside or outside.

12:20 Recess is the best! We line up quietly and when we get out we'll play games or ball on the court. I want to play basketball, of course.

12:40 Whew! Time to go inside, get a drink of water, and do corrections from spelling homework and math facts books. Good! I don't have any so I'm going to do some silent reading in my new book.

1:00 My teacher wants to tell me about sentences with two subjects and two predicates. I take my work journal to the lesson.

1:20 I have five sentences to analyze with the arrow material for follow up so I'm going to try and get two done now. I'll ask her to come and check it when I finish.

1:40 We are working in small groups on finding life forms that were present during different eras on the Time Line Of Life. We have been given a challenge to make models of the various plants and creatures existing in these environments. My group has the Mesozoic Era.

2:35 Gee, it is time for afternoon jobs and circle. I am having so much fun making my models but I have to clean up now. Everyone has a job and is responsible for the a job on his team. I am a job monitor this week and need to check the jobs for thoroughness and to see that the library books are back in the basket. After jobs, it is time for us to gather at circle, get homework bag and place spelling book, JGB, and any other items to take home. Announcements and/or concerns are shared now.

2:55 Jeff gets to call us this week, one at a time, to line up for dismissal. We all walk quietly out to the carpool benches. I can't wait until tomorrow to get back to making the models for the Mesozoic Era.

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