CASA's Admission Process

  1. TOUR

    Welcoming a new family and child into the CASA community is a fairly fluid process where the family is invited to get to know the campus by an initial tour. By scheduling a tour with our Admissions Director, Kathy Todd, parents are invited to walk the campus and observe children working in their classrooms. This initial visit is generally conducted with only the parents and allows them to better focus on the daily practices and rhythms of a normal classroom where they can decide if this is the right place for their child.

    Schedule your tour by emailing Kathy at Please include your child's name and age and if your child has had previous experience in a Montessori program.


    A visit with your child is scheduled after your initial tour. For parents of a toddler, both parents and child are scheduled to meet and get to know the teacher and the program. For Primary and Elementary level, your child will meet one or more teachers, and is given the opportunity to work one-on-one with them doing Montessori lessons and work with other children in the classroom. Your child's visit could last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours based on his or her comfort and readiness to interact in a Montessori classroom.


    The Admissions Director will follow up after your child's visit to give our teacher's recommendations. If your child is ready to begin in a Montessori classroom, CASA will invite your child to begin at a date agreed upon by you and the teacher.


    Before your child begins regular attendance at CASA a Tuition Contract and all School Office Forms must be submitted. The reservation fee and initial tuition payment schedule must also be submitted. If you are enrolling after the school year has already begun, tuition will be pro-rated.

Classroom placement in the Primary Program is based on several factors: Personality and developmental level of new child, space availability, social and age mix ratios per classroom, whether child is enrolled in regular primary schedule or extended day.

"The secret of good teaching is to regard the child's intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown, to grow under the heat of flaming imagination."
- Maria Montessori

Sparking Imagination for Elementary Students

We feel privileged, at CASA Montessori, to provide your child with opportunities which speak to the vastness of his developing mind and to his new-found keen interest in social interaction. Between the ages of 6-12, your child is now captivated with stories and is asking extensive questions about "why" and "how". Maria Montessori observed that hearing stories always caught this child's attention and interest. At the beginning of each school year our Elementary teachers spark the child's imagination with Five Great Lessons, in story format, to introduce the historical beginnings of a subject area and span through time to present day. The child is inspired by those who came before us and to find out "more" about something capturing his interest.

With delight, at Casa, we offer Montessori's curriculum of "Cosmic Education."
You might ask how could the word "cosmic" be applied to education?
Dr. Montessori deemed her elementary curriculum "Cosmic Education" because subject areas are integrated and overlap. History, as seen through the study of the Needs of Man from early times to present, is really the main vehicle that enables the child to see the "web" of life with its connections and relationships. The child seeing this interrelatedness is excited about learning. He speculates about what his contribution and purpose will be within this "web" of school community and beyond.

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